A Click Away From Useful Solutions For Online Fashion

Jun 27, 2017

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Maybe, but the “Bezos Effect,” the boss’s legendary Midas touch, helped turn the Whole Foods deal into gold in less than a day. After Wall Street learned of the buyout June 16, Amazon’s share price rose from an already-fat $964 to an even fatter $988. The rise ballooned the company’s value by $15.6 billion to effectively pay for the entire Whole Foods purchase and bank an extra $2 billion in less than 12 hours. Still, the retail grocery business is a minefield compared to Amazon’s online distribution business. Anytime anyone, including Jeff Bezos, steps into grocery retailing, they confront problems unique to selling food. Or, as one market analysis firm told the Wall Street Journal in reviewing the Amazon-Whole Foods deal: “‘The entire fulfillment process is more complex and time consuming from the moment a grocery shipment arrives… [There’s] the need for refrigeration and factors such as expiration dates, smell, and color…’” And, of course, price. Even if you successfully navigate the ordering, transporting, storing, pricing, and timeliness issues, there’s the customer issue: grocery selling remains an incredibly crowded, highly competitive business. Two years ago there were an estimated 262,800 food stores in the U.S., a 15 percent increase in just the last decade. Many of these “new” marketplaces are “old” stores — like the big box retailer Target and retail pharmacy Walgreens— that now sell food basics like milk, bread, and canned foods.

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